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Jones Pavilion • 1101 N. 6th Street

For more information  806-323-9114



April 25-26th


Tuesday, April 25, 2023

7:00 AM

Trade Show Open, Coffee & Donuts

8:30 AM

Opening, Prayer & Pledge of Allegiance

8:45 AM

Welcome & Introduction of Donnell Brown, Moderator

9:00 AM

“What Are The Numbers Saying”

Troy Applehans, Cattle Fax

9:45 AM

Q & A

10:00 AM

Trade Show & Break

10:30 AM

“Its All About the Numbers”

Dan Basse, Ag Resources

11:15 AM

Q & A

11:30 AM

Trade Show & Lunch

“Rancher of the Year” presentation

12:45 AM
“Selection For PROFIT”

Lee Leachman

1:30 PM

Q & A - Trade Show

2:00 PM

Willie Robertson of Duck Commander

“America Our Home Sweet Home”

2:45 PM

Trade Show & VIP Reception

3:45 PM

“Can a Young American Start Their Own

Cattle Business in the 21st Century"

Josh Worthington


4:15 PM

Q & A

4:30 PM

“Forecast for the Rest of 2023: Will There Be El Niño and What That Could Mean?”

Brian Bledsoe

5:00 PM

Social Hour & Trade Show

6:00 PM

Prime Rib Dinner

6:45 PM

“The Beef Female of the Future”

Tom Brink, Red Angus Association

7:15 PM


Wednesday, April 26, 2023

7:00 AM

Trade Show Open - Coffee, Donuts & Breakfast Burritos

8:00 AM

Welcome, Prayer, & Pledge of Allegiance

8:15 AM

Donnell Brown of the RA Brown Ranch, Moderator


8:30 AM

“The Business of Beef: Your Finance Partner”

Travis Thorne, Capital Farm Credit

9:00 AM

Q & A

9:15 AM

Trade Show Open & Break

9:45 AM

“What’s the Future for the Cow Business from the Prospective

Of the Nation’s Leading Cow Harvesting Company”

Trevor Caviness, Caviness Beef

10:15 AM

Q & A

10:30 AM

Trade Show Open & Break

11:00 AM

“Range Soil Health Using Grazing Practices

& New Technology”

Adam Isaacs

11:30 AM

“The War is On To Kill Cedars & Junipers”

Jason Abraham


Producer Owned Beef”

Monte Cluck

12:30 PM

Lunch & Trade Show

1:30 PM

Beef It's What’s for Dinner

Dr. Ty Lawrence & Dr. Dan Hale

3:00 PM

Grand Prize Drawing & Break

4:00 PM


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